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About giveBIG

The Osceola Community Health Foundation (OCHF) is the founder and host of giveBIG St. Croix Valley, supporting nonprofit organizations that make the valley a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Created by and for the people in the upper St. Croix River Valley, OCHF assists those with philanthropic interests to support the needs of their community. By bringing together the resources of individuals, families and businesses, the foundation develops funding sources to strengthen area nonprofits for the greater good of the community.

giveBIG St. Croix Valley is just one of the ways the Osceola Community Health Foundation accomplishes these goals to learn more go to

OCHF is assisted in leading this community giving day by a committee of local nonprofit leaders. This group helps to make giveBIG St. Croix Valley a great partnership where donors and nonprofits work together to address the needs of our area.

If you have any questions about giveBIG St. Croix Valley or the Osceola Community Health Foundation please contact Sue Gerlach at .