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Business Toolkit

Join your neighbors, employees and clients and giveBIG St. Croix Valley on April 25 to help change the future of our community in just one day. Read below about how your business can be involved:

  • Help support giveBIG St. Croix Valley by becoming a sponsor for as little as $100. Click here for sponsorship information.
  • Encourage your employees to go online and make a donation to the nonprofit organization of their choice.
  • Invite your employees to set up a fundraiser page for their favorite nonrprofits by utilizing our Fundraiser Toolkit.
  • Offer a matching grant to incentivize your employees’ giving and show your commitment to the causes they care about most.
  • Use social media to encourage your customers and supporters to participate in giveBIG St. Croix Valley.

How giveBIG St. Croix Valley will benefit your business.

  • Over 50 nonprofits, large and small, will link their causes to your support, reaching people committed to a variety of issues from all parts of the St. Croix Valley and beyond.
  • Our social media campaign will reach thousands - through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, both from giveBIG St. Croix Valley and from participating nonprofits' accounts.
  • You will position your company as an innovative local leader, distinctively committed to serving the needs of our community.

Join us!

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