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Fundraiser Toolkit

Did you know that you are the best resource to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit? ?This toolkit gives you everything you need in order to setup a personal fundraising page to raise money for a non-profit of your choice. Our online fundraising system makes everything simple. You simply share your story with your friends and the donations will start pouring in.

How Can I help?!

  • Discover - Search for your favorite charity or cause(s).
  • Donate - Find a cause you care about and make a donation on April 25.
  • Set Up a Personal Page - Love a particular charity? Create an inspiring fundraiser for the charity of your choice and mobilize your friends and family to help you raise funds for the cause(s) you care about. On your non-profit's page, click the “Get Started” button in the “Fundraise for this Cause” section. Upload a picture and write a few lines about why you are asking for donations.
  • Share Your Page - Use social media or send emails to share your donation and/or fundraiser and inspire others to join you in your giving. Email a link to your fundraiser page to your friends. Post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter. The more people you share your page with, the more money you will raise. AND make sure to let everyone know they need to donate on or before April 25!

If you are looking for a few sample emails to send to friends and family use our giveBIG SCV email templates. Questions? Contact your nonprofit OR Razoo at