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Thank you for taking the first step!

Thank you for taking the first step in becoming a hero: deciding to get involved. Now just 4 easy steps and you will be a hero to your friends and neighbors and many throughout the St. Croix Valley!

Step #1: Donate Today

Donate to your favorite charities and pat yourself on the back for doing something GREAT today! Consider using the "I Donated" icon to update your social profiles/share your kindness.

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Step #2: Print it!

Print the “Selfless Selfie” templates and make them your own- write down who you donated to or have fun with your own personal message. Print your Selfless Selfie here

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Step #3: Snap a Selfie

Snap a Selfie with you and your new giveBIG SCV Selfless Selfie sign.

Get Connected and Join the Conversation

Use the #givebigscv hashtag in your social post to join the conversation in the St. Croix Valley.

Want to do more to help your favorite cause?

Looking to get involved and spread the word about your favorite nonprofit and giveBIG St. Croix Valley? You can also become a Fundraiser and make an impact!

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