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Prizes & Rules


In addition to area nonprofits receiving contributions from donors, on April 25, 2017 giveBIG St. Croix Valley will be offering incentives to inspire nonprofit and donor participation in the giveBIG St. Croix Valley campaign. All prizes provide additional funds to nonprofit organizations. Below you will find descriptions of the prizes:

Unique Donor Prize

The top 3 nonprofit organizations that receive the greatest number of unique donors during the giveBIG St. Croix Valley event will receive bonus grants. A unique donor refers to a person who makes a donation to a nonprofit on The donor will be counted once in each nonprofits “total donors” tally. If one person makes multiple donations to an organization they will be counted only once per organization on the leader board. If a donor contributes to more than one organization, they will be considered a unique donor for each organization to which they contribute.

Golden Ticket Prizes

A minimum of two 'golden ticket' prize drawings... will be held hourly during the 24 hours of online giving on April 25. giveBIG St. Croix Valley will randomly pick a donor that has made a contribution during that specific hour and add $100 to their donation. The more donors an organization has in any given hour, the greater the odds of winning the golden ticket prize. In the event there are no donations in a given hour, two ‘golden ticket’ prizes will be awarded the next hour.

In addition nonprofit organizations are encouraged to solicit ‘matching gifts’ from their donors and/or area businesses. Your organization can promote matching gifts on your page to incent donors to give. Be creative! How your matching gifts work is up to you.


Any individual may donate. Donations through giveBIG St. Croix Valley are received and receipted by Razoo Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 charity that operates a donor advised fund to fulfill donor advisements.

The minimum donation is $5 and there is no maximum donation limit. Donations are tax-deductible and irrevocable (donations will not be refunded). Online contributions may be made via credit and debit card only.

For an organization to participate they must serve at least one of the featured communities – i.e. Amery, Osceola or St. Croix Falls. For more information on participation please contact Jessica Neumann at 715-294-5727 or

Organizations can track donations in real-time and have access to donor name and contact information, unless the donor chooses to make an anonymous contribution. As host of giveBIG St. Croix Valley, Osceola Community Health Foundation will receive contact information for online donors. This information is used solely to thank the donor for participating, and to notify the donor of future giveBIG St. Croix Valley activities.

Osceola Community Health Foundation can modify any restrictions or conditions if, in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community. As such, Osceola Community Health Foundation reserves the right to deny or condition the distribution of prize grants if, in the judgment of its Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes necessary.