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 Clear Lake Area Veterans' Memorial (CLVM) is a "Living Veterans' Memorial".  Click here to visit our website:

This veterans' memorial honors  2100 area veterans; and it commemorates all 55,000,000 American men and women who have served our nation. In 2017, it was designated an  historic site by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

        The Clear Lake Area Veterans' Memorial is the only known  American Veterans' Memorial  honoring Bounty Land veterans who were granted free land for their military service prior to 1857. This Veterans' Memorial was built and dedicated  on Memorial Day, May 31st, 1999 without any government funds. It is managed by volunteers, supported by donations and annual fund raising activities.

       Each year countless visitors journey to Clear Lake, Wisconsin, to witness how a Living Memorial is physical evidence that all veterans are honored. It is with sincere pride, a small Western Wisconsin community took leadership to build a Veterans' Memorial commemorating the veterans they esteem.. 

     Preservation and Maintenance of Clear Lake Veterans’ Memorial Inc., a non-profit (501 c 3) corporation, is now of our utmost concern. We desire to see it preserved and maintained to standards matching all National/State Cemeteries or the best manicured lawns in Clear Lake village!   When it was built and dedicated, a promise was made to our Veterans that everyone including our Clear Lake Cemetery Association desired to help do that. It is their, and our way,  to repay those  veterans who gave so much for our liberty. Since 1999 the CLAVMI has stood as a sentinel of liberty, a  beacon of hope  and an historical monument honoring all veterans from 1776 to now. No discrimination or distinction has or will blemish its tribute to the valorous service rendered by over 55,000,000 American men and women since our Revolutionary War They endured not only pain and suffering…but also served with pride for their motherland. It was they who answered our nation’s call when enemies of freedom threatened our sovereignty. Preserving the ideals of CLVM is the most, noble contribution our community can offer to those who gave so much and gained so little.

      Clear Lake Veterans Memorial  represents what is good and decent! It stands for our veterans  faithfulness to our nation and most of signifies a selfless sacrifice made by all Veterans. Many historians have often stated including Thomas Jefferson and Wendell Philips: "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty"! Which means if we want liberty, we must preserve it. Therefore, it is up to youth of each generation to carry forth this symbolic torch of justice into perpetuity. Our youth must step up and accept righteous responsibility. It is their responsibility to cherish and preserve the values our veterans have helped preserve for us.

     To visit Clear Lake Veterans' Memorial, journey on U S Highway 63 to Clear Lake, Wisconsin.  Highway signs on U S 63, point one fourth mile east to the historic memorial within Clear Lake Cemetery.

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