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Gregory’s Gift of Hope, Inc. was born out of the love for animals and the need to assist as many as possible in surviving in an often cruel and lonely world. When it comes to these wonderful creatures nothing tugs at my heart strings more than a set of scared and lonely eyes on a sick, injured or abandoned animal. Some come from homes that can no longer care for them, although they do not understand why the people they protected and loved and were loyal to can just leave them,. Some cross our path by just appearing when they are in need of help and some are brought to us by other caring people who felt they could help if only by getting those in need to a safe and loving place where they just might have a chance.
Gregory’s was founded in September of 2004 when a beautiful Golden Retriever, who we named Sunny, was found by a passerby laying almost motionless upon the side of a rural county road in the rain. The good Samaritan called us by finding our name under boarding kennels in the phone book and asking us for assistance. We, being animal lovers, could not do anything but help this precious 4 legged friend. Sunny was taken to a veterinarian in town to examine and find out what kind of help she needed. It was determined that Sunny appeared to have been running at large for some time and had developed Lyme’s Disease which had caused her joints to lock up and she was in so much pain she could no longer go on.
We discussed the situation back at our Boarding Kennels and decided we would have her treated, hope she responded then take her back to our kennels to recuperate then attempt to find her a new home.  The costs of all of her treatments,  food and shelter were covered by myself.  We began to just fall into the many situations of rescue that began to come our way over the next few months.  We  continued our crusade on a small scale until the closing of the Pierce County Humane Society.  At that time we knew we had to become a formal 5013C non-profit rescue re-home program and begin to try and procure funds to help us in our endeavor.  We were incorporated on May 15, 2006 and have been  trying diligently to get the word out to the community that we are here and in need of assistance financially to assure that the animals we come across will never have to suffer the heartache of being abandoned and alone again. I have pledged many dollars to the non-profit organization as well as many hours of volunteer time to take care of  and foster the animals we have had the pleasure to come to know and help.  It is always a great reward to know we have placed one of our rescues in  a new home with people who will appreciate, love them and care for them while they live out the rest of their lives.

I am happy to be an animal guardian to my 12 very own rescue canines, several cats, rabbits, ferrets and a hen who have given me many years of love and devotion, it is only right that I do the same for them.

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