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Now, more than ever, young people need to be supported. 2020 has been a year of instability and change as our world has reacted and responded to a global health pandemic. Kinship is working alongside a team of mentors who are proving themselves to be a dependable, stable and consistent support for the youth we serve. The needs are high and will continue to rise. Your financial support enables the Kinship program to continue to provide mentoring support- stability and security- to the youth in Polk County.

Mission Statement:  Kinship of Polk County works to improve the quality of a child's life by establishing a relationship with a caring volunteer for the purpose of promoting stability, support, friendship and community. 

Children need support and guidance from caring adults to assist them in the work of growing into productive, responsible adults. Kinship mentors offer youth healthy and meaningful relationships.  This positive support helps to prevent youth from turning toward risky, unhealthy behavior for identification and recreational purposes.

Research confirms that regular, long-standing relationship with adults are critical to healthy child development.   Children who regularly have positive interactions with adults are more likely to regulate behavior, respond to adversity and to thrive.

In 2019, Kinship served 375 youth in community-based and school-based mentoring combined. Recruiting high-quality mentors who will contribute to increased resiliency and provide the building blocks necessary for health and well-being is a constant and timely process.  Kinship relies on the generosity of the community to provide the funds necessary to support our work.  

"Every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult."

                                                  - The Center on the Developing Child

Thank you to all who believe in the vital work of prevention.  

Your support allows us to continue to inspire friendships and make connections that change lives.  


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Kinship of Polk County Inc

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